What is your Refund Policy?

The return or exchange will not accept more than one similar product, but a different size. This law is put through due to the fact that people misuse the facility. In case of any return, the return shipping will pay by the buyer, and the shipping and handling cost that’ll depend on the size and the weight of the jacket, also liable to pay by the customer.

Right before sending you a jacket, our responsible product inspector will review your jacket, like color, stitching, size, quality of the material, or pattern ( if there are any) of the item. But still, if you face any issue or defect, send us snaps by highlighting the issue.

The request for a Return, Refund, or Exchange will be made after 24 hours of receiving the product will not be entertained.

Remember, any Refund, Return, or Exchange will not be accepted if the tag is removed from the product.

What is the cancelation of orders?


The request for cancellation of the order should be made within 24 hours after the placement of the order. If the cancellation will be made after 24 hours, the whole amount will refund to the buyer’s respective account, but if the customer still wishes to cancel the order so the following conditions will apply:

Cancellation after 24 hours will result in a direct deduction of 30% from your paid amount.

Cancellation within 3 days before shipping will result in a direct deduction of 50% from the paid amount.

No cancellation will be entertained after 3 days of confirmation.

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